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On-demand research, technical writing, trainings

Our site hereby introduces you to its services of on-demand research, technical writing and trainings for professional practices, companies and institutions in general.

With so many telework tools at hand, every day more and more tasks you used to carry out at your office are outsourceable. And On-Demand Research, together with other similar services, can bring you several solutions on the subject.


It is a service already provided by important consultancies of international level. Our innovation lies upon scale: we propose to bring this service to a medium or small scale – as the name tells it: according to the needs and requirements of your company. For instance:
  • Data arrangement: from confusing or diffuse information we can deliver listings, spreadsheets or databases; this service can include maintaining these data up-to-date. “What your computer cannot arrange, we arrange it ourselves for you”.
  • Indexes for texts: general, alphabetical or analytical;
  • Summaries of long texts;
  • Correction of drafts;
  • Compilation of several texts in one;
  • Systematised researches in Internet, physical libraries or other databanks;
  • Compilation of laws, regulations or by-laws.
Finally, we would like to emphasise that thanks to the multidisciplinary character of our team, this site provides you with a linguistic mediation service with other firms and companies you may like to contact. Our mission is to help you overcome language barriers.


Language services in architecture and construction
We introduce our modern translation and interpreting service specialized in architecture, construction, design and real estate.
Activity on Wikipedia
Our incursion in the fascinating world of Wikipedia: Fabio Descalzi is an active Wikipedian since 2007.
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