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ScriptArch has realized a long series of projects in the fields of Architecture, Technical Documentation, Expert Reports for the Judiciary and Real Estate. In the last years we have devoted ourselves to Specialized Terminology and diverse Technical Translation Services.

Software Allplan de Nemetschek

Client: Nemetschek Allplan GmbH, Germany.
User interface texts of Allplan, software for 3D architectural design.
English>Spanish translation.
100,000 words.
Website of Nemetschek in Spanish

Regional planning terminology

Terminology translation from German into Spanish.
- regional planning,
- urbanism,
- landscape architecture,
- environment.
60,000 concepts.

Thesaurus for Construction

Translation from English into Spanish.
- materials,
- construction techniques,
- tools and machinery.
Translation of 25,000 concepts and edition of 120,000 words.

German real estate market

Financial report about real estate investment in Germany:
- housing,
- office buildings,
- shopping malls,
- hotels.
12,000 words.

Expert witness report of embassy building construction

Translation of an expert witness report of embassy building construction.
77,000 words.

Sanitary installations

Technical texts related to sanitary installations and underfloor heating system.
Translation German>Spanish.
40,000 words.

”Site Journal” - The Construction Site Diary Software

Client: Bauskript Software.
Translation German>Spanish.
12,000 words.
The Site Journal for Windows is a software for the daily contruction report (building journal). It is intended to help site-supervising architects, engineers, and construction companies document site inspections. The construction diary is one of the most important tool, to head off a quarrel, and furthermore it probatives in court. All important data, events and associated site photos are conveniently processed and managed with this slim and fast construction diary software. Visit Site Journal.

Book ”Osnabrück und Umland” by Bettina Meckel

Client: Thomas Wenner Osnabrück
Work: book ”Osnabrück und Umland” with pictures from the city of Osnabrück and its surroundings; by Bettina Meckel.
Translation of legends from German into Spanish.
2,000 words.
Published in 2010.

ISBN 978-3-87898-417-7 - see book
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