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How was ScriptArch born?
ScriptArch was born out of the interest of a group of professionals that wanted to get out with their knowledge, abilities and experience, searching for integration and exchange of knowledge and uniting their efforts in order to satisfy the growing demands of these national, regional and world markets ever more sophisticated.

Who are ScriptArch's potential clients?
Architecture and Engineering Companies, Building Contractors, Subcontractors, Providers of Services in general, ; Decorators, Education Institutions, Governmental Agencies,; NGOs; and any other person or entity with professional, academic or other occupation who may eventually find it helpful to work with ScriptArch.

Where is ScriptArch's team based?
We are located in Montevideo, capital of the Republic of Uruguay, South America, a country which is becoming a centre for professional and computer services (actually, the software industry is turning into the star of Uruguayan export products).
We count with adequate technology, infrastructure and support to develop Internet entrepreneurships and, although software development is not the specific goal of ScriptArch, we have software developers who meet our needs

Which are the advantages of working with ScriptArch?

  • Our team is very flexible and adaptable to its clients' needs.
  • The yearlong experience acquired with our working practice enables us to always accept new challenges.
  • Via email or through internet we provide you with a cost estimate tailored to your needs.
  • The hour wages of a Uruguayan professional are very convenient.
  • We deliver the ordered works pursuant to reasonable deadlines.
  • Absolute guarantee of privacy and reserve; your data are protected.

Why the name Polyglota?
Polyglota (from ancient Greek “polys”, numerous, and “glossa”, tongue) evokes the universal value of translation as a mean of contact between the peoples on Earth.
Without pretending to embrace “all the existing languages” which would imply an impossible pretension for any serious enterprise, but with the seriousness and character of someone who knows the importance of a well-done translation, ScriptArch's team devotes itself to offering a service which does pretend to be exhaustive, deep, specialized and focalised.

Which languages do you offer?
At this very moment, we offer Spanish, English, German and French, and their respective combinations. We provide Portuguese and Italian as well. The languages at our clients' disposal can become more as long as our clients request so and our contact nets allow us to increase our staff of professionals.

Which is the translation process?
ScriptArch has certified Public Translators. The texts to be translated are examined by a Translator specialized in the source and target languages of the text, together with at least one Professional of the specific field, who at the same time is fluent in both the source and target language.
Uniting knowledge and abilities we produce a text of optimal technical quality, true to the original.

How do we face terms of confusing or ambiguous meaning?
Whenever a term which translation could be excessively ambiguous for the context appears, we make the appropriate explanation with a footnote. If necessary, and after a brief exchange of emails with the client, we choose the most adequate word for the context, without this implying any extra cost for the client.

Which is the usefulness of the Correction Service?
First of all, whenever a client already knows a foreign language, he may write himself a text directly in said language and then want to make sure that the adequate vocabulary, grammar, syntax and even style has been used..
Secondly, if a client has already translated a text he may wish to have the same type of corrections done.

Does Polyglota offer any Interpreter Services?
ScriptArch's professionals are qualified to work as specialized technical consecutive interpreters. On demand we can also provide simultaneous interpretation for conferences. Top
Why the name Scriba?
The word Scriba is of Latin origin and means “scribe, secretary, writer”. It evokes the old amanuensis monks who used to spend long hours, days and even months copying books with great care and dedication – long before the mobile type press, tool par excellence for the diffusion of knowledge, was invented.
In our case, the comparison could not be simpler: in a world full of technology ready to help the working person, sparing time and energies, there remain tasks pending which the “thinking machines” cannot resolve thus demanding many hours of human work. Those tasks are our goal, systematizing what seems to be chaotical and disordered, putting “the shelves in order” and whatever else you could think of.

Is it a service of Higher Enterprise Organization?
Scriba does neither pretend to substitute the tasks inherent to a Director or a Manager position, nor make up for them.
Quite on the contrary, if we were to compare it to any part of your enterprise, Scriba corresponds to an intermediate level. We take care of your orders and consequently you have more free time to devote yourself to the present and future of your company, a task for which you are really irreplaceable.

Does Scriba offer any kind of Consulting?
Scriba is not a Consultancy in the traditional sense of the term but nevertheless its services can be of assistance in this direction.
Any Consultancy Service requires of stuff to do the work. You provide us with the “raw” stuff, and we deliver it back to you duly processed and classified.

Is Scriba just a professional service?
Apart from the help of our Professionals, Scriba has digitizers qualified in the use of several computer tools, which allows the processing of great volumes of data, tailored to your needs.
These digitizers are strictly controlled by their respective Technicians, so the result is optimally guaranteed. Top

In which context shall we understand the services offered by Arch?
The professionals of ScriptArch are constantly developing activities in the diverse fields of architecture, projecting, designing, costing, pricing, directing works, taking part in contests and doing several tasks inherent to a practice.

Which other services does ScriptArch offer, apart from those typical of an architectural practice?

Consulting and projects of the different components of structures and conditionings which make part of a building:

  • Structural Calculation (ferroconcrete, metal, wood, etc.),
  • Electric Conditioning,
  • Sanitary Installation,
  • Acoustic and Electroacoustic Conditioning (Home Theater, sound amplifying, etc.),
  • Thermal Conditioning (including Solar Energy),
  • Decoration and Interior Architecture.
Do you offer construction services?
If the distance makes it possible, ScriptArch can put the services of Construction and Work Direction at your disposal.
Our team has great experience in the direction of works of different sizes, including: One-family dwellings, High-rise buildings, Hospitals, Theatres, Cinemas, Sports facilities, etc.

Do you draw CAD perspectives?
Our staff of drawing aides is qualified to fulfill tasks of this kind.
See our Examples.

Do you make any kind of paperwork?
Planning permission, Construction works insurance and other paperwork are not typical tasks for Arch.
Nevertheless we do advise our clients on the matter. Top
Why Mediation and Contact?
Being a multidisciplinary group used to team-work synergy and speaking many languages, ScriptArch puts at your disposal its services as mediator between persons and companies from different countries and cultural environments.

How can I join ScriptArch as a collaborator?
Undoubtedly the professional contribution of new collaborators is one of the key elements to enrich us.
Please send an email to this email address and we will get in touch with you. Top
Do you accept payment in cash?
The way to pay our services in cash is through a deposit in our bank accounts for that purpose.
Should those banks have no branches near you, then you can send us a money order to the nearest agency.
We gladly accept as well the following payment systems: PayPal, Skrill, Western Union or Moneygram. Top
Is ScriptArch a 24-hour service?
Our website is open 24 hours a day. There you can find about our services and, as far as translations and proofreading are concerned, you can obtain your online cost estimate.

For those services which require contact via phone or chat, our offices are available on a flexible time basis. We advice you to date your chat session via email. Take into consideration that the location of ScriptArch is in the time zone corresponding to GMT-3 (three hours before Greenwich Meridian Time). Please consider that time changes during the summer. Top


In a globalised and technically interconnected world, working in the global village becomes every day more accessible and necessary.
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Our wide range of activities has allowed us to develop an agile and flexible network of qualified professionals; we face with enthusiasm and reliability the resolution of our tasks.
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