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Request your cost estimate for an on-demand research in an easy and user-friendly way.

To request our services, please follow this instructions:

1- Contact us through this email address. You are requested to specify the type of service required. Since we know that most of the time our clients' needs are very specific, we believe it is essential to establish a close contact with you. We can keep contact via email, telephone or chat (Skype, MSN, Yahoo! Messenger or similar).

2- To the same email address mentioned above you should send the material needed for the cost estimation.

3- A few days later, once our staff has gone through all the documentation, you will receive our Cost Estimate in your mailbox. If the task is a complex one, more than one round of information exchange may be necessary. Please take into consideration that all this process is completely free .

IMPORTANT: the amount provided through our Cost Estimate refers to the whole task. The price is usually paid as follows: 50% when you order the work and the outstanding 50% when you receive the work finished. Other forms of payment may be taken into consideration.
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