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Who we are
Our wide range of activities has allowed us to develop an agile, flexible and well-qualified network of professionals; we face with enthusiasm and reliability the resolution of our tasks.

The team synergy is noticeable in our results.

Furthermore, as soon as one or more of our network members faces a task, the first thing is to focalise upon the resolution of its most relevant aspects. Afterwards, if needed, more collaborators are incorporated in order to deal with specific details of every constitutive part of the project.
We furthermore have a network of competent collaborators, sketchers and digitisers in case the tasks require a considerable amount of work hours.

In this way, we guarantee the delivery of the work upon deadline.

Moreover, our network is constantly receiving the important assistance of several part-time collaborators, some of whom live abroad. We will be glad to admit new professionals willing to work with us. If you are interested, please send your CV to this email address and we will study your proposal.

Next, our team presents itself to society:

FABIO DESCALZI (Montevideo, Uruguay, 1968)

Architect, graduated 1996, School of Architecture, UdelaR, Montevideo.
Postgraduate in Real Estate Investment Projects, 1998, UCUDAL, Montevideo.
Postgraduate in Translation and Interpreting, 2010, IMUC, Montevideo.
He has work experience in Uruguayan architectural studios. He moved to Germany in 2000, where he gained work experience in the construction industry and real estate sectors; back in Uruguay, since 2004 he gradually moved into full-time freelance translation. He has devoted his efforts to the organization of CAT Tools training workshops and to Quality Assurance in translation. Due to his entrepreneurial spirit, in September 2007 he received a Commendation for Originality in Export of Services from the National Chamber of Commerce and Services of Uruguay. In August 2008 he organized the first Conference for translators in Uruguay.
Since 2010 he lectures Telework in Translation at Universitario Crandon.
Memberships: SAU, IAPTI, AUPE.
Languages: Spanish, German, English, French, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch.
Director and Coordinator of ScriptArch.

BIRGIT WOELKE (Montevideo, Uruguay, 1970)

Certified Public Translator German-Spanish, graduated 1993, Law School, Montevideo.
Memberships: CTPU.
Wide experience in legal and technical translations, teacher of German as a foreign language.
Bilingual German-Spanish.
Other language: English

ALEJANDRO SANTORO (Montevideo, Uruguay, 1973)

Certified Public Translator French-Spanish, graduated 2004, Law School, Montevideo.
Work experience in Uruguay and France: Translations, Teaching.
Bilingual Spanish-French
Other language: English

LAURA QUICI (Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1968)

Certified Public Translator Portuguese-Spanish, graduated 1993, Law School, Montevideo.
Certified Public Translator English-Spanish, graduated 1991, Law School, Montevideo.
Memberships: CTPU.
Work experience: Translations (Legal, patents), Teaching of Languages, Interpreter.
Mother tongue: Spanish.
Languages: English, Portuguese

SERGIO PARODI (Montevideo, Uruguay, 1967)

Architect, graduated 1999, School of Architecture, Montevideo.
Memberships: SAU.
Work experience: Building Plans, Work Direction, Construction Management, Costing and Pricing, Contests.
Mother tongue: Spanish.
Languages: Italian, English

EDUARDO ROSSI (Montevideo, Uruguay, 1969)

Civil Engineer, School of Engineering, Montevideo, 1998.
Experience in Structural Calculation of Concrete and Metal Structures.
Mother tongue: Spanish.
Languages: English, Portuguese, German

RAFAEL ACKERMANN (Montevideo, Uruguay, 1969)

Engineer in Electroacoustics, Meyer Sound Laboratories, 1996-2002.
Work experience in Mexico, USA and Uruguay.
Teaching in Acoustics.
Mother tongue: Spanish.
Languages: French, English, Portuguese.

FIORELLA DESCALZI (Montevideo, Uruguay, 1972)

Architect, graduated 2007, School of Architecture, Montevideo.
Experience in Structural Drawings, Building Plans, Work Direction, Interior Decoration.
Mother tongue: Spanish.
Other languages: German, English.

MARÍA G. DESCALZI - England (Montevideo, Uruguay, 1974)

Engineer in Computer Systems, School of Engineering, Montevideo, 2001.
Work experience in Uruguay, Argentina, Bolivia, Peru, Dominican Republic, Mexico: Implementation of Contact Center Systems with VOIP, Quality Assurance.
Currently working at Saville Consulting UK Ltd.
Mother tongue: Spanish.
Languages: German, English, Portuguese 

LEONARDO SENA - England (Montevideo, Uruguay, 1971)

Public Accountant, graduated in 2001 at the School of Economics, University of the Republic, Montevideo.
BA in Electronics and Telecommunications, ORT University, Montevideo, 1994.
Certified Informations Systems Auditor, ISACA, 2000.
Certified Internal Auditor, IIA, 2004.
Postgraduate in Business Administration, University of Belgrano, Buenos Aires, 2005.
Postgraduate in Corporate Finance, Catholic University of Uruguay, 2005.
Postgraduate in International Business, Florida International University, 2010.
Work experience: Internal Auditing of Banks; Process Management; Auditing of Information Systems; Teaching.
Mother tongue: Spanish
Languages: English, Portuguese

LOTA MONCADA - Brazil (Santiago, Chile, 1948)

Degree in Philosophy, Universidade Federal do Paraná, Brasil -1969.
Postgraduate in Applied Linguistics (Specialized in Teaching/Learning of Portuguese for Foreigners), UNICAMP (Brazil) and University of the Republic (Uruguay),1995.
Actress and theater director, Fundação Teatro Guaíra, Curitiba, Brazil, 1968.
Work experience: language teaching in Brazil, Chile and Uruguay; translator/proofreader since1970; voice recordings and audio performances.
Fields of specialization: technical, business, advertising, marketing, medicine, literary.
Bilingual Spanish-Portuguese
Other languages: French

MARIANO VITETTA - Argentina (Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1986)

Certified Public Translator English-Spanish, graduated 2008, Law School, UBA, Buenos Aires.
Advanced Law Student, Law School, UBA, Buenos Aires.
Memberships: CTPCBA, IAPTI.
Experience in Translations: Legal, Economical, Financial, Engineering.
Mother tongue: Spanish.
Languages: English, Italian, German


In a globalised and technically interconnected world, working in the global village becomes every day more accessible and necessary.
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